About Us

HiVisits was founded in april 2011 and grew out of a brilliant idea how large numbers of targeted visitors could be send to a url or website.

The goals of HiVisits are to provide clients with the easiest methods to deliver targeted traffic to their websites and allowing website owners to improve their rankings in the search engines. This in order to grow their customer base, generate more sales or more affiliate income and build bigger marketinglists.

Since januari 2013 HiVisits, which had its origin in Egypt, was taken over by Printasy, a belgian company developing & marketing web applications.

Printasy will extend in the near future the HiVisits services by providing more advertising options and focus more on western traffic. Printasy has its own team of dedicated developers and also an experienced support team, ready to help & support you with any question you may have.


How is the HiVisits website traffic system working ?

HiVisits allows website owners to order traffic, to their choice international, non targeted traffic, or highly targeted traffic, with the ability to target on market segment and country.

Now the traffic website owners receive comes from a growing network of publishers connected to our platform, who bring their visitors directly to the websites of our advertising website owners. The traffic HiVisits delivers through this publishers network is guaranteed and can be verified by implementing a statistics tool, like Google Analytics, Statcounter or any other website visitors statistics tool. And by the way, if you have a lot of visitors coming to your website also you could apply here on hivists.com to become a publisher for our network of advertisers !

Also in the HiVisits admin-area, you can verify the IP-addresses of the visitors who came to your website, and check the country they are from.

We can assure you that this traffic is from real visitors. It does never come from bots or auto surf exchanges. No one is paid to click on your links and we do not use any spammy technique, like sending bulk emails or so, to bring visitors to your website.