About global traffic

If you are looking for full exposure for your website, to get real visitors we recommend you to buy global traffic. Global traffic is cheap traffic and will drive real visitors to your site without restrictions.

Our global traffic is the easiest and most affordable way to get traffic to your site

Does your product or service need to be placed in front of a Global Audience? Would you like to get hundreds of thousands, or even millions of visitors coming to your website to find out what you are offering? Our Global Website Traffic is the cheapest way to achieve this by showing full page ads to website visitors worldwide. If you are looking for an audience from specific countries or interested in specific niches, you should choose targeted traffic !

Why you need to buy global traffic ?

Global traffic is cheap, starting at 19,95 us$ for 10.000 visitors and is always available in large volumes. HiVisits recommends to make use of global traffic only if you want to promote products which can be ordered worldwide and where more or less any visitor could become a potential client for this product.

Increasing the traffic to your website using global traffic will also help you with your rankings. Buying global website traffic helps to lower your Alexa ranking and also to increase your PR or Google PageRank. Both of these are factors determine the value of your website to advertisers. The lower your Alexa rank and the higher your PR, the more advertisers are willing to spend to run ads on your site. Both your Alexa rank and PR are also factors in how the search engines rank your website so you may see an increase in your search engine results as well.

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