About Targeted Traffic

Do you want to receive visitors from a specific country and/or people interested in specific niche markets ? With IP Unique targeted traffic, we can deliver you website visitors from the countries you specify and coming from blogs or websites related to the niche market you are targeting. Right now you can choose between 30 different niche markets, a number which will grow in the near future.

Our IP unique traffic is traffic coming from IP unique visitors, which means if a single visitor sees your ad several times a day, it will only count as being a single view.

Our IP unique traffic is the best solution to get better conversions and to make more sales from your website offerings !

Our IP Unique targeted traffic is the best ways to get traffic to your site !

Choose for IP targeted traffic ...

  • when you need guaranteed visitors to your website
  • when you need traffic from unique visitors
  • when you need traffic from visitors coming from specific countries
  • when you need traffic from visitors interested in specific niches
  • when you need real traffic from real visitors
  • when you need to make money from traffic on your website
  • when you need to push offers from clickbank, CPA or Plimus offers, JVZoo offers, etc...

Targeted traffic comes from where?

Targeted traffic is coming from the same sources as our global traffic, but it is filtered towards Unique IP and the countries and categories that you specify. So it comes from our network of publishers who own websites, blogs, forums and portals and who are paid by us to send their visitors to your website by means of popup ads.

Targeted Traffic, your website deserves it !

When your website, webshop, blog or portal has no visitors, how much effort & time you have put into, all this invested time & effort is for nothing if no visitors come to your website. Visitors who can, depending on the type of site you like to promote, bring you business, sales & profits. With our unique traffic methods, HiVisits can boost the popularity of your website to unknown heights, and this at a very low cost per visitor !