How It Works

For publishers

Our system works best for publishers who want to maximise revenue from their user base and have at least 10.000 monthly visitors coming to their sites.

Increased user engagement drives up earnings & page value. With HiVisits you can connect your audience to "compatible" advertisements.

  • Open your HiVisits account.
  • Choose the type of ad you would like to display.
  • Customize your ad contents to your website.
  • Choose the target audience.
  • Place the code on your web pages.
  • Monitor your earnings in real time.

For Advertisers

We help marketers with the perfect solution to reach their target audience in cost-effective manner. We keep our pricing cost-effective and most importantly, provide you with clear metrics so you can review performance and optimise campaigns accordingly.

Gain highly targeted PPC exposure across various business categories & geographies. No spending commitments. No activation fee.

  • Open your HiVisits account.
  • Choose what type of ad campaign you would like to start
  • Choose the Target category
  • Get approved in minutes
  • Monitor your campaigns in real time