Do you own a Website, forum or Blog ? Do you own an unused domain ?

Monitize your website, monetize your blog, forum or domain !

It is very easy to make money by showing ads from our advertisers in your site.

It's simple to start earning with HiVisists!

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Create 1 or more adzones
Step 3: Copy and paste the adzone-code which you receive to any page of your website

That's it, you are DONE

After you add one line of HiVisits code to your site, the rest is intelligently automated. The script calls the HiVisits service to show ads your pages and identifies publishers.

You'll see HiVisits at work on your site immediately!

We pay you $1 - $16 per 1000 ads shown in your site, this depends on the competition on the state of this visitor, much more than what other advertising platforms are paying.

In your dashboard you can monitor how much you earn. Once you like to be paid, just send a request to with the email address connected to your paypal or payza address, and we will organise a transfer right away. In order to receive a payment, your account should contain at least a 50,00 us$ value.

For amounts exceeding 500,00 us$, we can also accept other methods of payment. Please contact our support team to discuss the possibilities.